Current Exhibitions

Nature and her Essence, Transcapes by Joanna Gabler on View at the Centerpoint Gallery, 138 East 15th St., New York, May 9 – June 27, 2013


On view in the Centerpoint Gallery is “Transcapes: Nature and Her Essence,” works by Joanna Gabler, painter and photographer. The art in this exhibition is the fruit of  Joanna’s passion for photography and initiated by her studies in Anthroposophy—her quest for uncovering the mysteries of nature. Sensitive to color and form, she goes out into Nature, seeking her own personal vision. All her art is inspired by and co-created with Nature. By using photography and developing it further through the digital media as a creative tool Gabler’s goal is to capture the unseen energies behind physical reality and make them visible.  Gabler calls her images “transcapes,” because they are landscapes transfigured by her artistic vision.

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